Implant Studio

:Reasons to use 3Shape Implant Studio

Prosthetic driven planning

Open system platform

A flexible digital workflow

Locally produce surgical guides at lower costs

Flexible tools and features

3Shape's Implant Studio 2016 - English
3Shape's Implant Studio 2015 ( - English
3Shape's Implant Studio 2014 ( - English
3Shape's Implant Studio 2014 ( - English


Single or multi implant cases with teeth supported guides: Use guides for stability in surgery for free-end cases where accessibility is limited

Diagnostic tools: Helps decide if cases are appropriate for immediate loading

Plan and treat full and partially edentulous patients: Apply standard protocols like Double Scan Strategy. If possible, prepare the temporary bridge work prior to surgery

Implant Planning: Prosthetic driven planning for results you can count on; use virtual crowns or diagnostic wax-ups to increase predictability of the final treatment outcome

Restorative components: Get the complete restorative package prior to surgery

آدرس: تهران، میرداماد، خیابان شمس تبریزی شمالی، کوچه نیک رای، پلاک 3، طبقه سوم، واحد 6