VistaCam iX HD

Intraoral camera with interchangeable head system, autofocus and real HD image quality
Brilliant HD image quality even in video mode
Autofocus for intraoral, extraoral and macro images
Software analysis to detect caries lesions and to visualise plaque by using the fluorescence effect: Proof interchangeable head
Support for diagnosing approximal caries without exposure to radiation, thanks to infrared technology: Proxi interchangeable head

Technical Data: VistaCam iX HD
Connections: USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 compatible
Multiuser application: Plug & Play
Activation: Via switch on hand piece; top or bottom, as desired
Handpiece weight: 70 g
Handpiece length: 200 mm
Cable length: 2.5m - optional extendable to 19,5
Power supply: USB - 5V
Sensor: High performance CMOS sensor
Driver: Uses standard Windows drivers, NO additional drivers needed
Resolution: 1280 pixel (H) x 1024 pixel - V
Lighting: 2 LEDs, Proof (405 nm, violet), Proxi : 850 nm, infrared
Optical system: Several lenses and protective glass

Brilliant HD image quality even in video mode
Infinitely variable autofocus enables macro to extraoral images
 Software evaluation to detect caries lesions and display plaque
using the fluorescence method: Proof interchangeable head
Diagnostic aid for detection of proximal caries – without any
exposure to X-ray radiation thanks to the use of infrared technology: Proxi interchangeable head

Caries and plaque filters display caries activity with the aid of a colour scale and a numerical value – including during live video image acquisition. And with the aid of the Dürr Dental Imaging App you can even access your image data on an iPad

آدرس: تهران، میرداماد، خیابان شمس تبریزی شمالی، کوچه نیک رای، پلاک 3، طبقه سوم، واحد 6