Temporary Material: PMMA, WAX


Aidite successfully invented the world first 16 series colored PMMA , beautiful and lifelike, and had good bio-compatibility. It can be made into a temporary restoration with perfect aesthetic effects. Aidite 16 series PMMA block has good shock resistance and heat resistance. With high-temperature digestion and high pressure injection molding technology, no toxic and no residual liquid, low bibulous rate, high density, strong pigment, Health and safety, no smell, and It is the first choice of doctors and technician


Wax with good carving performance and plasticity is widely used in dentistry. The main chemical composition of wax are hydrocarbons, Long-chain fatty acids and advanced monohydric alcohol. Aidite wax, with high strength, good rheological property and dimensional stability, has smooth surface without peculiar smell. During processing, wax fragment is easily to clean and won’t glue with hand. No residue after burning. Wax surface is smooth, no tension, no air bubbles, safety and no smell. This product has good machinability, so ensure the wax fragment in the milling machine can be easily cleaned up and have good solubility in embedding casting process

Standard System

AW 0D98*10, AW12 0D98*12, AW14 0D98*14, AW16 0D98*16

AW 0D98*18, AW20 0D98*20, AW22 0D98*22, AW25 0D98*25


Zirkon Zahn System - cad/cam

AZ95 0D95*10, AZ95 0D95*14, AZ95 0D95*16

AZ95 0D95*18, AZ95 0D95*20, AZ95 0D95*25


Amann Girrbach System - cad/cam

12 (H), 18 (H)

14 (H), 20 (H)

16 (H), 25 (H)


  • Ideal strength and toughness, suitable for oral clinical use
  • Good abrasive resistance
  • Good bio-compatibility, no stimulus to gum
  • Color and lustre is stable, has a certain transparency to reach the aesthetic effect
  • Non-stick to knife, easy to mill
  • All temporary adhesives can be used for bonding
  • :Range of Application
  • Shot-term or long-term temporary restoration, temporary crowns, bridges
  • Use for the calibration of milling machine USAGE: Milling、Buffing、Polishing



Application Range:          A.Wax molding          B.Use for equipment Calibration

Color: Blue and white

آدرس: تهران، میرداماد، خیابان شمس تبریزی شمالی، کوچه نیک رای، پلاک 3، طبقه سوم، واحد 6





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