TRIOS Design Studio

3Shape TRIOS Design Studio is a plug and play same day dentistry solution - create and mill crowns, inlays, bridges, veneers and screw-retained crowns right in your practice in minutes

Scan:Power your same-day dentistry with intraoral scans from the award-winning 3Shape TRIOS digital impression solution

Design: From opening the scan to tracing the margin and designing your restoration, 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio does the work for you

Mill: You choose the machine you want for your production. Provide treatment in any material compatible with select and verified 3Shape trusted-connection milling machines and 3D printers

:Software version for clinical use (Demo of TRIOS wireless) (End-user, Non-wireless)


:Compatible Ortho System version (2015) - Not able to display HD photos

Older version: (2013) - Not able to display HD photos


:Compatible Dental System version (2016)

(Older version: (2015


:Compatible Implant Studio version (2015) (2016) - Using Dental Desktop

(Older version: (2014

Software does the designing for you
See high-res magnification of prep lines
(Auto-trace margin line (easy-edit
(Auto-path of insertion (easy-edit
(Auto-restoration design (easy-edit
(Check contacts, occlusion, design and thickness (easy-edit


Why choose 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio
Place restorations in one appointment
Easy to follow step-by-step workflow
Design where and when you want – workstation, any laptop or at home
You choose the milling machine and 3D printer
Digitally connect with labs to optionally send advanced cases


Choice of milling machines: Select from 3Shape trusted-connection milling machines for your manufacturing. 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio seamlessly connects and automatically orients and decides where to attach the restoration to your material block

آدرس: تهران، میرداماد، خیابان شمس تبریزی شمالی، کوچه نیک رای، پلاک 3، طبقه سوم، واحد 6